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Designed by the architect Henry Lord and built in 1896, this was originally the Salford Royal Technical Institute which later became Royal Technical College, Salford (in 1921) and the Royal College of Advanced Technology (in 1956) which became the basis of the University of Salford which received its Royal Charter in 1967.

Along the way this building was renamed the Peel Building. Today it is home to the School of Environment & Life Sciences. It is a Grade II listed building (English Heritage ID:471601 LinkExternal link British Listed Buildings)

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by David Dixon
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SJ8198 : Entrance to Peel Building by David Dixon
SJ8198 : Salford Crescent by Gerald England
SJ8198 : The Peel Building, University of Salford by David Dixon
SJ8198 : Peel Building (detail) by David Dixon

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