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Off the nine estates created in 1808 the only leasee to exploit the land early as a building venture Edward Bliss. The land he had leased was the most southerly of the parcels of land, on the west side of Haverstock Hill, north of England's Lane. Bliss, a self-made man, began developing the 14 acres fronting Haverstock Hill soon after 1815. In addition to the single and paired villas like Devonshire House, probably built in 1826, there were terraces like the Grecian-style Haverstock Terrace built in 1825-6, and Devonshire Place. Almost all the 38 houses on the estate had been built by 1830, with stabling and occupied by 'persons of quality'. Bliss made the land available, both to individuals and to speculators, like George Crane of Cheltenham, who built Bedford, Oak, and Gilling lodges in addition to Haverstock Terrace.

In 1864 the 24 acres of undeveloped backland on the Bliss estate was transferred to Daniel Tidey on a 99-year building agreement. Tidey extended the exclusive Belsize House area by developing roads southward into Bliss's estate and by 1866 he had drawn up a plan for the two estates He began building in England's Lane in 1865 and by 1870 had pushed St. Margaret's Road (later Belsize Park Gardens) south. He was building in Stanley Gardens (now Primrose Gardens) in 1871, and by 1882 the majority of available land had been developed. In 1890 the Church Commissioners bought out the leasehold interest on the 14 acres of Bliss's estate next to Haverstock Hill. The few houses at the back of the Haverstock frontage were demolished and Antrim Road was constructed, mainly on nursery land; flats and a library were built there from 1896. In the 1880s and early 1890s people classified as living ‘in comfort’ occupied the entire Belsize estate west of Haverstock Hill. In the Bliss estate the majority of residents were the 'fairly comfortable, such as coachmen, gardeners, tradesmen, and craftsmen”.
by Kate Jewell
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