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This is a joint venture between the Philiphaugh Trust and Rodger [Builders] Ltd to repair the cauld, which had been neglected by previous custodians, and to generate hydroelectric power by installing two 3.5 m diam. Archimedes Screw turbines. The 2.7 m head of water turns the screws at about 24 rpm and this is converted by gearing to 1500 rpm to generate electricity which is transferred to the National Grid. Each turbine weighs 11000 kg and each gearbox 2000 kg. The project has taken about 10 years to come to fruition, after allaying fears of The Tweed Commission, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage that fish and other wildlife would be adversely affected. After construction in 2011-13 it became operational in late-2013. At full efficiency they can produce 110 kW/h each, so a total of 900000kWh a year – enough to power 220 homes. A minimum river flow of 1.81 cubic metres per second [109 tonnes per minute] is required for them to operate, and the fish passes and mill lade have priority for water over the turbines. There are two fish passes, a Larinier fish pass, which is specially designed to produce a type of turbulent flow that is suitable for salmon and sea trout, and is in two stages with a resting space in the middle, and a simpler-appearing pass for eels, lampreys and smolts.
The cauld was originally built in 1856 by Sir John Murray, Laird of the Philiphaugh Estate, to divert water by a mill lade to a water wheel which operated a sawmill and threshing mill. In 1874 the mill lade was extended towards Selkirk to power a new tweed mill.

See also a similar but smaller facility at Bedford Link .
by M J Richardson
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NT4427 : The Murray Cauld by M J Richardson
NT4427 : Philiphaugh hydroelectric power station by M J Richardson
NT4427 : Inside the power station by M J Richardson
NT4427 : Murray Cauld Hydroelectric Station by M J Richardson
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NT4527 : Waterwheel Café at Philiphaugh by M J Richardson
NT4427 : Discharge from water turbines, Murray's Cauld hydro plant by Jim Barton
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NT4427 : Fish passes at Philiphaugh by M J Richardson
NT4427 : Hydroelectric power station at Philiphaugh by M J Richardson
NT4427 : Murray Cauld on the Ettrick Water by M J Richardson

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