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This building at Fall Barn Fold, has been known as “The Weavers’ Cottage” for many years but was never actually a “cottage”. It was built ca1780 as a ‘loom shop’ for Fall Barn Mill. It housed several looms on the top two floors, lit by rows of mullioned windows which face d south to catch the sunlight.

Weavers came to work here from the neighbouring farms and homesteads as it was easier for the owner to keep all his goods in one place rather than transporting the raw materials to each weaver’s home and then returning to collect the finished products.

The weavers worked by hand but later, when steam power was introduced, they went to work in the newly built mills. The building became four houses and remained as housing until the 1970s when the building was saved from demolition (although the northern half of the building was lost) by then-named Rawtenstall Civic Society and The Weavers’ Cottage was renovated as a result of fund-raising activities.

As a museum, Weavers Cottage is home to a Victorian kitchen, a clog shop and a tea room. The top floor also houses working hand looms, providing an insight into this bygone era. It is also a meeting place for Rossendale Civic Trust, who manage the building on a voluntary basis, and other community groups.

The building is Grade II-listed (English Heritage Building ID: 185728 LinkExternal link British Listed Buildings).

LinkExternal link About the Weavers’ Cottage, Rossendale Civic Trust
by David Dixon
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SD8122 : Four-Post Loom, Rawtenstall Weavers' Cottage by David Dixon
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SD8122 : The Weavers' Cottage Museum by David Dixon
SD8122 : The Weaver's Cottage, Rawtenstall by David Dixon

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