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Hampden Park was the home of the athletics events for the Commonwealth Games 2014. Scotland's national stadium had been converted from a football stadium to an athletics stadium by removing about 8 rows of seats and raising the level of the field by 1.8 metres, to give space for an athletics track. The change reduced the capacity from around 52,000 to 44,000 people. After the Games have finished, the ground will be restored to its original level and the seats will be replaced.
The athletics events took place from Sunday 27th July 2014 to Saturday 2nd August. My pictures were all taken in the evening of the penultimate day, Friday 1st August.
by Rich Tea
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NS5961 : Hampden Park, Commonwealth Games 2014 by Rich Tea
NS5961 : South Stand, Hampden Park, Commonwealth Games 2014 by Rich Tea

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