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The Rudhale family date back to at least the early 15th century.
There are several monuments to the Rudhale family in the church, starting with William and his wife Anne, who was daughter of Simon Milbourne of Tillington. William was Attorney general to the son of Henry VII, and built Rudhall Manor.
Their tomb is of high quality, and probably originated in Nottingham, with alabaster from Derbyshire. The two effigies rest side by side. He is dressed as a Sergeant at Law, and she wears a pedimental head-dress.
There are various carvings on the side of the tomb.

William (1551-1609) and his wife Margaret Croft, are depicted in a black marble an alabaster wall monument. Kneeling below are figures of two sons and seven daughters dressed in the clothing of the period. Unfortunately the figures of William and Margaret themselves are both missing, they would normally be seen in the recess kneeling opposite each other.
This William Rudhale was probably founder of the Rudhale Almshouses in Church Street.
They had 3 sons and several daughters. Son Richard died aged 24, and Gilbert aged 17. The only heir was John.

John and his wife Mary, née Pitt, are depicted in a second altar tomb. John Rudhale was an MP, and died in 1636. He and his wife Mary are depicted on an altar tomb of alabaster. The Coat of Arms is seen with kneeling figures of two daughters on the south side, the kneeling figure of a daughter and a swaddled infant and skull. There is a further recumbent figure of a daughter with a skull. All these children, Elizabeth, Margaret and Mary, died in infancy.
On the Tomb lie recumbent figures of John and Mary, he is wearing armour and holding his wife's left-hand. She is wearing rich clothing of the Stuart period. At the foot of the two is a pelican in her piety, and at his feet there is a depiction of a hand grasping roses.
There is also an inscription, which translated into English reads:
"Ah, passerby, please pause here a while! The ashes and the departed soul nearby ask this of you. For the man you see buried beneath this earth is John Rudhale, now in heaven. If you will but note that erstwhile he was a man distinguished by his ancient ancestry and by the quality of his own life and family renown; if you but note that he was lovable and loving to all good people, and likewise missed by good people, especially those close to him; if you note all this, then you may go about your business."

The carving is probably the work of the same sculptor who carved the Kyrle monument in Much Marcle. SO6532 : Tomb of Sir John Kyrle & wife. The workmanship is very fine.

Colonel William Rudhale, brother of John, was the last of the male line of the Rudhales. He was a cavalier in the Royalist army. He is depicted dressed in Roman armour with cloak. His hand is resting on a sword and he stands on a pedestal. He died a bachelor in 1651.

There is also a bust of Thomas Westfaling(1760-1814), who married into the family. The monument was executed by William Theed and was erected in 1817. Apparently, it was a good likeness.

The monuments are all in the same part of the church which was once a Chantry Chapel, bought by the family at the time of the Reformation.

Information from Church notes.
by Julian P Guffogg
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