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Aeolian processes (alternative spelling eolian or æolian) pertain to wind activity and are named after Æolus, the Greek God of wind.

Ten metres square, Aeolian Light is a digital-physical artwork that responds to movement; if you walk through it, or if the wind blows, hundreds of tiny lights will flicker and form. Or, as the Quays Culture press release (LinkExternal link ) says, “As you walk through the artwork, the wind will be visualised as light in the space around you. When the wind blows hard the space feels chaotic and turbulent. On quieter evenings, the experience is calm and gentle.”

It is in place on the plaza between the Lowry Centre and its namesake shopping mall opposite from 18 December 2014 until 7 January 2015.
by David Dixon
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SJ8097 : Salford Quays, Aeolian Light by David Dixon
SJ8097 : Lowry Plaza, Aeolian Light by David Dixon
SJ8097 : Aeolian Light, Salford Quays by David Dixon
SJ8097 : Aeolian Light at The Lowry Centre by David Dixon

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