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Street furniture are objects placed or fixed in the street for public use, such as post and telephone boxes, road signs, lamp posts, bollards and benches etc.
by Adrian S Pye
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27 images use this description. Preview sample shown below:

TM2099 : Brick Kiln Lane and Low bridge warning sign by Adrian S Pye
TG5206 : Penguin Bollards by Adrian S Pye
TM2092 : GR postbox set into the wall near Loddon Mill by Adrian S Pye
TQ3673 : Telephone Kiosk, Stanstead Road, Honor Oak by PAUL FARMER
TM1897 : Parish notice board, telephone box and postbox in Flordon by Adrian S Pye
TM3858 : Fingerpost and footpath on Gromford Lane, Gromford by Adrian S Pye
TM2392 : Uneven road surface at Lundy Green by Adrian S Pye
TM3754 : Be aware of deer, sign in Tunstall Forest by Adrian S Pye
TG5206 : Penguin Bollards by Adrian S Pye
TM2197 : Elmers Lane, Saxlingham Thorpe by Adrian S Pye
TM4150 : B1084, Ipswich Road with Newton Broadway on the right by Adrian S Pye
TG1800 : George V postbox in a brick pillar by Adrian S Pye
TM4249 : GR postbox and ER K6 telephone box by Adrian S Pye
TM1899 : Disused telephone box with WW1 exhibition by Adrian S Pye
TM3390 : Victorian postbox on Norwich Road, Ditchingham by Adrian S Pye
TM2492 : Decrepit telephone box with a working phone at Silver Green by Adrian S Pye
TM2297 : Restricted byway sign off Pitt's Lane, Saxlingham by Adrian S Pye
TM3958 : Postbox, village sign and The Crown Inn at Snape by Adrian S Pye
TM2869 : A seat on which to watch the passing traffic by Adrian S Pye
TM1982 : Air Station Lane, Rushall by Adrian S Pye
TM2490 : Room Lane, Shelton by Adrian S Pye
TM4149 : GR postbox near Richmond Cottages by Adrian S Pye
TM2788 : GR letterbox in a brick pillar by Adrian S Pye
TM3859 : Postbox at the crossroads in Gromford by Adrian S Pye
TM2789 : VR postbox in a brick pillar by Adrian S Pye

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Created: Tue, 24 Feb 2015, Updated: Tue, 24 Feb 2015

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