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An open-air exhibition in St Andrew Square, part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, organised by the Royal Photographic Society, demonstrating the usefulness of visible light and the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum, from gamma rays to radio waves, for a whole range of applications in science, technology and medicine in our lives. There are 50 panels in the northeast corner of the square, around the refreshment area [the more usual part of the square for these exhibitions is still recovering from the Christmas entertainment occupation. The panels are also different from the usual non-reflective ones the posters are covered with Perspex, and present a lot of reflections on a bright sunny day].

The exhibition runs from 3 March 17 April LinkExternal link . It has already been displayed in London and Belfast, with the promise of more venues to come, and all images can be seen here :- LinkExternal link
The Science Festival runs from 4-19 April LinkExternal link | #EdSciFest
by M J Richardson
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NT2574 : Background to the LIGHT WORKS exhibition by M J Richardson
NT2574 : The use of radio waves to identify concussion by M J Richardson
NT2574 : Harvey Nichols and the Light Works exhibition by M J Richardson
NT2574 : The hole in the ozone layer - 1979-2014 by M J Richardson
NT2574 : LIGHT WORKS in Edinburgh by M J Richardson
NT2574 : Light Works in St Andrew Square by M J Richardson
NT2574 : Mars Rover Selfie by M J Richardson
NT2574 : WHAT IS LIGHT? by M J Richardson
NT2574 : Seeing concussion with MRI by M J Richardson
NT2574 : 'Curiosity'  selfie - how it was done by M J Richardson

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