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The Humber is a large tidal estuary on the east coast of Northern England. It is formed at Trent Falls, Faxfleet, by the confluence of the tidal rivers Ouse and Trent. From here to the North Sea, it forms part of the boundary between the East Riding of Yorkshire on the north bank and North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire on the south bank. Although the Humber is an estuary from the point at which it is formed, many maps show it as the River Humber.
Below Trent Falls, the Humber passes the confluence of the River Ancholme on the south shore; between North Ferriby and South Ferriby and under the Humber Bridge; between Barton-upon-Humber on the south bank and Kingston upon Hull on the north bank (where the River Hull joins), then meets the North Sea between Cleethorpes on the Lincolnshire side and the long and thin (but rapidly changing) headland of Spurn Head to the north.
Ports on the Humber include Kingston upon Hull (better known as simply Hull), Grimsby, Immingham, New Holland and Killingholme. The estuary is navigable here for the largest of deep-sea vessels.
by N Chadwick
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TA3406 : Haile Sand Fort by Mat Fascione
TA2121 : Fence across the saltmarsh by Mat Fascione
TA2214 : Sea defences along the Humber coast by Mat Fascione
TA3817 : Humber shoreline at Winsetts Clough by Mat Fascione
TA0224 : Humber from the bridge by DS Pugh
TA0225 : Humber estuary from the bridge by DS Pugh
TA1028 : View from the Deep by DS Pugh
TA0425 : Trans Pennine Trail along the Humber shoreline by Mat Fascione
TA3618 : Burstall Bank along the Humber shoreline by Mat Fascione
TA0726 : Jacks Bar and Restaurant at St Andrews Quay by Mat Fascione
TA4016 : Pipe on the beach at Kilnsea by Mat Fascione
TA2810 : Beach near Grimsby docks by Mat Fascione
TA4016 : Beach at Kilnsea by Mat Fascione
TA3305 : The beach at Humberston Fitties by Mat Fascione
TA1823 : Gate on the Humber bank at Paull Holme Sands by Mat Fascione
TA2015 : Immingham Oil Terminal on the Humber estuary by Mat Fascione
TA4015 : Humber Estuary by DS Pugh
TA2120 : Humber estuary flood defences at Cherry Cobb Sands by Mat Fascione
TA1817 : Oil jetty at South Killingholme by Mat Fascione
TA0626 : St Andrews Quay Retail Park by Mat Fascione
TA4011 : The beach at Spurn Head by Mat Fascione
TA2916 : Hafnia Seaways passing Grimsby by Mat Fascione
TA3319 : Drain and flood bank at the Welwick Saltmarsh by Mat Fascione
TA1626 : Path along the Humber shoreline at Paull by Mat Fascione
TA0025 : Trans-Pennine Trail by the Humber by N Chadwick

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