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Barton Arcade is a Victorian shopping arcade located between Deansgate and St Ann's Square

A fine example of a Victorian shop-and-office Victorian structure, Barton Arcade was built in 1871 by Corbett, Raby & Sawyer, hidden behind the facade of Barton's Buildings on Deansgate. There are two entrances from Deansgate and another reached from St Ann's Square.

Inside is a light and airy glass and iron shopping arcade with two octagonal domes rising from glass pendentives, probably one of the best examples of this type of cast-iron and glass-roofed arcade anywhere in the country. There are three tiers of balconies with mahogany handrails and ornamental balustrades curving around the U-shaped arcade.

Barton Arcade was extensively restored in the 1980s and now houses exclusive shops, and a number of office suites. The original shop fronts have disappeared, as has the original decorative tiled floor, but Barton Arcade remains a beautifully restored piece of Victorian architecture.

Barton Arcade is a grade II* listed building (English Heritage Building ID: 388084 LinkExternal link British Listed Buildings).

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by David Dixon
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SJ8398 : Barton Arcade, St Anne's Square entrance  1966 by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ8398 : Barton Arcade (detail) by David Dixon
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SJ8398 : Barton Arcade (4) by David Dixon
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SJ8398 : Barton Arcade (1) by David Dixon
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SJ8398 : Barton Arcade, Deansgate Entrance by David Dixon
SJ8398 : Barton Arcade - Glass Roof and Dome by David Dixon
SJ8398 : Barton Square and Barton Arcade by David Dixon
SJ8398 : Barton Arcade (3) by David Dixon

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