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Banksy's ironic take on Disneyland, "Dismaland" took over the old and derelict Tropicana swimming pool in Weston Super Mare and converted it into a theme park like no other. A distopian "pleasure" ground with dereliction and morbidity as its themes, with surly attendants who would go out of their way to be rude to you!
Some very clever artworks and some distinctly left-leaning politics imbued the place with a doubly surrealist feeling - making it quite an experience.
The ale and food was far from dismal, though carnivores might be unhappy with the latter as the entire site was "meat free" to accord with Banksy's vegetarian ethics.
Rather like visiting what you might imagine a pre-unification East German theme park to be like if run by the Stasi - except that the irony was obvious, and everyone was actually thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was also exceedingly inexpensive to visit - just £3 on the door or £5 if you booked online - though the queuing was somewhat extensive - an hour for pre-booked tickets and anything up to 5 or more hours for "walk ups".
Dismaland was an enormous, exuberant success which brought a huge boon to the finances of Weston during its brief run.
by Rob Farrow
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ST3062 : Derelict Birnbeck Pier - The inspiration for Dismaland? by Rob Farrow
ST3160 : Dismaland - Banksy artwork by Rob Farrow
ST3160 : Dismaland - Refugees  by Rob Farrow
ST3160 : Dismaland - Visitors enjoying a dismal time by Rob Farrow
ST3160 : Dismaland - Dismal Castle and Police vehicle (stranded) by Rob Farrow
ST3160 : Dismaland - The Dismal Castle - and weird Little Mermaid by Rob Farrow

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