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Irish bridge

An irish bridge is a multi-culverted ford. At normal water levels the water-course passes through the culverts and under the road but at times of high water levels the watercourse passes over the road creating a true ford.
In common with french windows and english muffins irish bridge is not usually capitalised and that is the format I have used throughout.
by John Walton

Created: Tue, 17 Nov 2015, Updated: Fri, 24 Jan 2020

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NY5267 : Ford at Solmain by John Walton
NY5669 : Ford at Greensburn by John Walton
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TL5136 : Ford at Wendens Ambo by John Walton
ST2510 : Newhaven Ford by John Walton
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TL7043 : Ains Ford at Sturmer by John Walton
NY9441 : Church House Farm Ford by John Walton
NY7789 : Shipley Shiels Ford by John Walton
SP5495 : Cosby Ford by John Walton

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