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These are known as pre-Worboys signs because in 1965 new signs were introduced acting on the recommendations of the Worboys Committee which had been tasked with reviewing the UK's road signage. The new designs have mostly remained in current use with only minor changes.
by Adam C Snape
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TF8825 : Entering East Raynham by Tiger
NY4335 : Old traffic sign and marker posts for water by Rose and Trev Clough
SE0662 : Old-style road sign by Bob Harvey
SO3288 : Pre-Worboys narrow road warning sign by Adam C Snape
ST4916 : Pre-Worboys road sign, Montacute by Christopher Hilton
SP1386 : Church Road, Yardley in 1952 by Dr Georg Loessl
ST0090 : Old-style direction sign, Brook Street, Williamstown by Jaggery
ST4916 : Fingerpost, Montacute by Rossographer
TL4849 : Remains of an old sign by Tiger
SJ5574 : Pre-Worboys direction sign, Kingsley by Adam C Snape
SP7791 : A minor relic by Bob Harvey
TL3986 : A neglected old sign by Tiger
SO4510 : Old-style road sign, Dingestow by Jaggery
TL2850 : Beware of children! by Tiger
SO3204 : Pre-Worboys sign in a Park y Brain hedge, Penperlleni by Jaggery
SP0490 : Pre-Worboys  roadsign in Handsworth by Richard Law
NY2623 : Remains of an old road warning sign by Rose and Trev Clough
NR2564 : Isle of Islay: old road sign on the B8018 by Chris Downer
SO3288 : Pre-Worboys direction sign by Adam C Snape
TQ1692 : Pre-Worboys direction sign outside the parish church, Stanmore by Christopher Hilton
TL3948 : Old roadsign at Shepreth by Tiger
TF0920 : Bourne, Lincolnshire: pre-Worboys direction sign by Christopher Hilton
NR9250 : Lochranza: parking sign by the ferry pier by Chris Downer
SO0901 : Old-style road sign, Moriah Street, Bedlinog by Jaggery
TL4559 : No cycling! by Tiger

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