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This may be the Castle that never was. The field at Moorlands, just north of the church is mapped as the site of Aslackby Castle, and is a scheduled ancient monument.

The National Heritage List for England does no more than mention the scheduling. There are no other details at LinkExternal link

Pastscape has a more detailed listing (LinkExternal link ) saying that the castle is known from documentary evidence dating back to John Leland's description in the early 16th century, although there is an idea about (LinkExternal link and LinkExternal link ) that Leland had confused Bourne with Aslackby.

The best modern interpretation is that the earthworks represent a quarry, rather than fortifications, and a moated house. However, the best aerial photographs suggest something rather more organised and larger. The Castle remains improbable, but not impossible.

There is evidence of a moat at TF 0850 3052, which may have been a moated house rather than a castle. The Village is known to have been a preceptory of the Templars during the castle-building era, and Temple Farm a little to the south is on the site of, and contains stones from the Templar's church and probable accommodation. Although the Templars were a marshall order, the purpose of the preceptory was farming and hence fund raising.
by Bob Harvey
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TF0830 : Aslackby Castle by Bob Harvey
TF0830 : Aslackby Castle by Bob Harvey
TF0830 : Aslackby Castle by Bob Harvey

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