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Midday, New Year's Day 2016

A collection of photographs taken around noon on New Year's Day 2016 by Geographers from all over Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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by Robin Stott

Created: Thu, 31 Dec 2015, Updated: Sun, 3 Jan 2016

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NY8106 : Nine Standards Fell Race by Mick Garratt
NS2072 : Kip Marina Village by Thomas Nugent
TL1283 : Midday New Year's Day 2016 by Michael Trolove
NT3173 : Porty Beach by Richard Webb
SH7950 : Back street in Penmachno - New Years Day 2016 by Richard Hoare
SJ9594 : Dog walkers on the Trans Pennine Trail by Gerald England
SK2628 : New Year's Day Daffodils by M J Richardson
TM4496 : Low Road, Haddiscoe by Roger Jones
NT6136 : At the Brothers' Stones on New Year’s Day 2016 by Walter Baxter
SH7041 : Overcast Skies by Barry Hunter
SU5750 : New wall - old cottages by Mr Ignavy
NT2736 : Old Drove Road approaching Kailzie Hill by Jim Barton
NY7768 : Ruined Dyke by Anne Burgess
SN6090 : New Year 2016 over Cardigan Bay by Nigel Brown
SU3076 : Membury Services by Jonathan Billinger
SU1575 : Byway near Barbury Castle, New Year's Day 2016 by Vieve Forward
SE6051 : Foss at Foss Islands by DS Pugh
NU2510 : Pride of Aln is rolled out for a New Year's Day row by Russel Wills
TA1230 : Sewell's BP garage on Southcoates Lane, Hull by Ian S
TQ3096 : Ancient Hedge on South Side of Enfield Road by Christine Matthews
SO8844 : A very wet Croome Park by Philip Halling
SE2437 : Happy Neigh Year 2016 by Rich Tea
NZ1465 : Still smouldering by Andrew Curtis
NZ1665 : War memorial at Newburn by Trevor Littlewood
NH6355 : New Year's Day snow, Bellton Wood by Julian Paren

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