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Unish, Waternish, Isle of Skye

The Gaelic name for Unish is Bail an Tailleir, which translates as Tailor's Town. The depopulated run-rig township is scattered over about 800m from NE to SW at the base of a terrace on the lower NW facing slopes of Healaval on the extreme N end of the peninsula of Waternish.

There are 47 buildings and 15 enclosures in the township. It has at least fifteen farmsteads, identified by an enclosure and an attached long building. All around are extensive areas of lazy-beds.

Unish is first documented when it was leased in life rent to Donald Macleod for 306 merks in 1708. In 1788 a report to the British Fisheries Society found 10 married couples, 17 children, 30 unmarried adults, and two widowed adults in a total population of 69.

The clearance of the township was certainly effected by the time of the first edition of the Ordnance Survey map of 1880 (Island of Skye &c., Inverness-shire, 1880, sheet v), when only a single house was in occupation.

(Information from Highland Council Historic Environment Record and
by Richard Dorrell

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NG2365 : Towards Waternish Point by Richard Dorrell
NG2365 : Gateway in Unish by Richard Dorrell
NG2365 : Ruined farmstead in Unish by Richard Dorrell
NG2365 : Ruins at Unish by Richard Dorrell
NG2465 : Wall at Unish by Richard Dorrell
NG2365 : Ruins at Unish by Richard Dorrell
NG2365 : Unish township boundary wall by Richard Dorrell
NG2365 : Sheep grazing at Unish by Richard Dorrell
NG2365 : Ruins and grazing land in Unish by Richard Dorrell

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