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A series of pictures documenting the public rights of way in the borough of Bournemouth. The pictures of the rights of way all have links to the next picture on the same route, in each direction.

The rights of way are all documented, in numerical order, in this article:
by Chris Downer
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1957 images use this description. Preview sample shown below:

SZ0796 : Kinson: footpath E49 crosses the Conservative Club car park by Chris Downer
SZ0996 : Muscliff: large oak on the Stour Valley Way by Chris Downer
SZ1095 : Throop: Careys Road from Muscliff Lane by Chris Downer
SZ1194 : Strouden: footpath K33 from its northern end by Chris Downer
SZ1292 : Pokesdown: Stourvale Place and Cromwell Place meet by Chris Downer
SZ0596 : Bear Cross: footpath E03 approaches Magna Road by Chris Downer
SZ0796 : Northbourne: footpath E45 heads off from Vernalls Close by Chris Downer
SZ0890 : Bournemouth: footpath B04 to the West Cliff by Chris Downer
SZ0992 : Malmesbury Park: footpath C18 meets Portchester Road from Ascham Road by Chris Downer
SZ1191 : Boscombe: footpath F08 heads up from the promenade by Chris Downer
SZ0696 : Bear Cross: footpath E11 approaches the open space by Chris Downer
SZ0595 : West Howe: derelict something on footpath U01 by Chris Downer
SZ0796 : Northbourne: old football discarded on footpath O01 by Chris Downer
SZ1491 : Southbourne: passing the Coastguard building on Admiralty Road by Chris Downer
SZ1491 : Southbourne: footpath I14 reaches Hengistbury Road by Chris Downer
SZ1195 : Throop: Mill Road (North) approaches Careys Road by Chris Downer
SZ1292 : Boscombe: the end of York Place by Chris Downer
SZ0996 : Muscliff: a dog takes itself for a walk by Chris Downer
SZ0796 : Kinson: footpath E46 enters Duke’s Coppice by Chris Downer
SZ1292 : Pokesdown: double garage on Stourvale Place by Chris Downer
SZ0597 : Bear Cross: footpath E07 approaches the boundary by Chris Downer
SZ0995 : Moordown: Priory View Place heads east by Chris Downer
SZ1194 : Strouden: footpath K18 approaches Wordsworth Avenue by Chris Downer
SZ1095 : Throop: byway K23 nears its eastern end by Chris Downer
SZ1392 : Iford: footpath I01 passes 21a Hambledon Road (I think) by Chris Downer

... and 1932 more images.

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