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These almshouses, completed in 1868, were built at the bequest of Charles Sheils of Killough, Co Down a merchant who had made his fortune in Liverpool. His aim was "to help persons of small income, who have seen better days". Sheils' Institutions, as they were called, were built in Armagh, Dungannon, Stilloran, Killough and Carrickfergus to similar designs. The warden's quarters have a Gothic doorway and a clock tower. Each institution had an extensive garden. The institutions were and are non-sectarian, each board of governors having four Anglicans, four Catholics and four Presbyterians.
by Eric Jones
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H8845 : Lodge tower at the Sheils Houses by Eric Jones
J5336 : Killough Almshouses by Eric Jones
H8845 : Pillars at the entrance to Armagh's Sheils Houses by Eric Jones
H8845 : Sheils Houses, Armagh by Eric Jones
H8845 : Sheils Houses from the grounds of the Armagh Community Hospital by Eric Jones
H8845 : Sheils Houses on Tower Hill by Eric Jones
J5335 : Charles Sheils Institution Almshouses by Eric Jones
J5336 : Killough Houses by Eric Jones

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