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The Routemaster is an iconic double-decker bus, built between 1954 and 1968. It has an open platform and staircase to the rear where passengers would get on and off. The bus required two staff, the ticket collector, and the driver who was separated in his own compartment. Nearly were all built in red or green.

The Routemaster saw continuous service in London until 2005 when it was finally phased out in favour of wheel-chair friendly, single staff buses. Many can still be seen in the city hired for various events.

2,876 Routemasters were built, and around 1,000 are thought to still be existence.

A modern version of the Routemaster, the "New Bus for London" began service in February 2012. See Link
by Oast House Archive
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TQ2779 : Thurloe Place, London by Rossographer
TQ2677 : London Routemaster Bus, in Fulham Road, Chelsea by PAUL FARMER
TQ7409 : Combe Valley Way by Oast House Archive
TQ2977 : London Routemaster Bus 24 in Grosvenor Road Pimlico by PAUL FARMER
NZ4419 : High Street, Stockton  1968 by Alan Murray-Rust
J3474 : Former London Transport Routemaster, Belfast (August 2016) by Albert Bridge
TQ2980 : Routemaster on Waterloo Place by Oast House Archive
TV6198 : Old Routemaster Bus on Western Lawns Eastbourne by PAUL FARMER
TQ6544 : Routemaster at Holmewood Farm by Oast House Archive
TQ2978 : Routemaster Bus on Belgrave Road by PAUL FARMER
NZ2564 : One of a kind by Alan Murray-Rust
TQ7837 : Inside a Routemaster at Sissinghurst Classic Car Show by Oast House Archive
J3374 : Tourist bus, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge
TQ3080 : Number 9 Routemaster Bus in Old Scotland Yard by PAUL FARMER
TL9927 : A Routemaster bus in Highwoods Country Park by PAUL FARMER
TQ2879 : Silver Routemaster Bus at Hyde Park Corner by PAUL FARMER
J3374 : Routemaster, Belfast by Albert Bridge
TQ2678 : Routemaster, Exhibition Road by Oast House Archive
TV6198 : Green Line Bus on King Edwards Parade, Eastbourne by PAUL FARMER
TQ0762 : AEC Routemaster at London Bus Museum, Brooklands by Oast House Archive
TQ2879 : Silver Routemaster Bus in Knightsbridge by PAUL FARMER
TQ7837 : Routemaster at Sissinghurst Classic Car Show by Oast House Archive
TQ6200 : Routemaster Bus on Royal Parade, Eastbourne by PAUL FARMER

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