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The University of York was built with a collegial system in a similar way to Cambridge, Oxford and Durham. At York, the colleges are principally for accommodation and social reasons rather than for academic teaching (although the colleges are commonly used for splitting teaching into smaller groups within departments). The first college was Derwent College (named after the nearby river) in 1965, quickly followed by Langwith College (named after the nearby common) and in 1968-9 by Vanbrugh College (after John Vanbrugh the architect), Goodricke College (after John Goodricke the astronomer) and Alcuin College (after Alcuin of York). Wentworth College (after Thomas Wentworth), the post graduate only college, was formed in 1972 and completed the originally envisaged colleges. In 1990 James college (after Lord James of Rusholme) was added, initially post-graduate only, it allowed undergraduate entry from 1993. Halifax College only came into being as a college in 2001, although the buildings had existed as overflow accommodation (known as Halifax Court) for several years previous. With university expansion onto Heslington East campus several colleges are departing from their original locations with Goodricke College relocating in 2009 and Langwith College in 2012. The buildings on Heslington West vacated by the departing colleges were acquired by other neighbouring colleges (where other shared descriptions for the specific colleges exist, these reflect the college at the time of the photograph). A ninth college was added to the university in 2014, named Constantine College after the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great was constructed on Heslington East.
by DS Pugh
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SE6250 : Lakeside Tap by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Daffodils by AV Services by DS Pugh
SE6250 : B block and Heslington Hall by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Construction site and Goodricke College by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Misty lake by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Snowman outside the Berrick Saul building by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Vanbrugh Forest by DS Pugh
SE6150 : Wentworth D Block by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Philip Brocklebank court - Langwith College by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Derwent B Block from the quiet place by DS Pugh
SE6150 : Wentworth College and Wentworth Bridge by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Alcuin H Block by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Department of Economics by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Janet Baker Court by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Langwith College from above by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Reseeded area by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Blossom in St. Lawrence Court by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Vanbrugh Paradise in snow by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Black swan near the lake opposite Derwent by DS Pugh
SE6150 : Wentworth Bridge and Wentworth Nucleus by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Frozen Lake by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Ducklings and James College N block by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Frozen Lake by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Central Hall in scaffolding by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Fire juggling - Woodstock 2007 by DS Pugh

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