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York has, since Roman times, been defended by walls of one form or another. To this day, substantial portions of the walls remain, and York has more miles of intact wall than any other city in England.
There are 6 gates through the Walls - Bootham Bar, Monk Bar, Walmgate Bar, Micklegate Bar, Fishergate Bar & Victoria Bar.
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by N Chadwick
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SE5951 : City Walls and towards the Minster by DS Pugh
SE6052 : End of the City walls at Layerthorpe by Alan Murray-Rust
SE6051 : City Walls near Newton Terrace by DS Pugh
SE6051 : Baile Hill by DS Pugh
SE5951 : A1036 & wall bridge by N Chadwick
SE6051 : Fishergate Tower by Alan Murray-Rust
SE5951 : City Walls by N Chadwick
SE6151 : City Walls near Foss Islands Road by DS Pugh
SE5951 : York City Walls at night by Alan Murray-Rust
SE6052 : Monk Bar by N Chadwick
SE6151 : City Walls near Walmgate by DS Pugh
SE6052 : City Walls by N Chadwick
SE6051 : Baile Hill Tower, York by Alan Murray-Rust
SE6052 : Bootham Bar by N Chadwick
SE6051 : Victoria Bar by DS Pugh
SE6151 : City Walls near Red Tower by DS Pugh
SE6051 : City Walls by N Chadwick
SE5951 : Micklegate Bar by N Chadwick
SE6051 : City Walls near Fishergate by DS Pugh
SE6051 : City Walls by N Chadwick
SE5951 : York City Walls, western section by Alan Murray-Rust
SE6051 : Baile Hill, York by PAUL FARMER
SE5951 : City walls by N Chadwick
SE6151 : City walls near Speculation Street by DS Pugh
SE6052 : Minster behind city walls by N Chadwick

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