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Monk Bar is the largest and most ornate of the bars, it dates from the early 14th century. It was a self-contained fortress, with each floor capable of being defended. On the front of the bar is an arch supporting a gallery, including 'murder-holes' through which missiles and boiling water could be rained down upon attackers.
Monk Bar has the citys only working portcullis, in use until 1970. Like the other main gateways, Monk Bar originally had a barbican on the front. This was demolished in 1825.
The rooms above the gateway have had various uses over the years, including as a home and as a jail for rebellious Catholics in the 16th century.
Grade I listed.
by N Chadwick
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SE6052 : Monk Bar by N Chadwick
SE6052 : Monk Bar by Alan Murray-Rust
SE6052 : Monk Bar by N Chadwick
SE6052 : Monk Bar by N Chadwick

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