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The York to Selby Cycle path forms part of the longer distance National Cycle Network route 65 running between Hornsea and Middlesbrough via Hull, Selby, York and Easingwold.

The majority of the York to Selby path runs along the former East Coast Main Line railway which was relocated in the early 1980s due to development of the coalfields below the line and also allowed the elimination of several bottlenecks caused by bridges. The former trackbed was acquired by the sustainable transport charity Sustrans shortly after its foundation and was the first Sustrans route constructed with works occurring between 1985 and 1987.

The route starts at Askham Bar where the railway now takes its new course and heads south through the former Naburn and Escrick stations to Riccall on the former trackbed. At Riccall the path follows the road through the village as the trackbed between Riccall and Selby is predominantly used by the A19 bypasses for Riccall and Barlby. Between Riccall and Barlby, the route runs beside the A19 and then turns through the village of Barlby. On leaving Barlby, the path turns onto the River Ouse flood embankment to reach the A19 bridge into Selby where this section of the path ends.

In 1999 the University of York constructed a 1:575,872,239 model of the Solar System along the off road section of the route. The Sun stands just north of the A64 bridge where a path from York Racecourse meets the path from Askham Bar. The inner planets run from the other side of the bridge to the northern edge of Bishopthorpe. Housing has been built upon the trackbed at Bishopthorpe and the path zig zags along streets of housing before picking up the track again at Appleton Road Bridge. Jupiter stands near the Brunswick Nurseries on the southern side of Bishopthorpe. After crossing the river, Saturn and a model of the spaceprobe Cassini stands near Naburn Station which now has a cafe for cyclists and walkers. Uranus is roughly half way between Naburn and Escrick stations with Neptune just south of Escrick station. Pluto stands up a slope just off the path to the north of Riccall. Just beyond Pluto is a model of the Voyager spacecraft.

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SE5847 : Benches beside the path by DS Pugh
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SE5847 : The York and Selby Railway Route in Bishopthorpe by Chris Heaton
SE6238 : View from Pluto by DS Pugh
SE5847 : York to Selby Solar System: Venus by DS Pugh
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SE6141 : Towards Stillingfleet Hill Farm by DS Pugh
SE5847 : Daffodils around Mars by DS Pugh
SE6140 : Towards Mount Bridge by DS Pugh
SE6141 : Fence near Escrick Station by DS Pugh
SE6143 : York to Selby Solar System: Uranus by DS Pugh
SE6045 : Bench along the Selby cycle path by DS Pugh
SE6142 : Cycle path near Moreby Far Wood by DS Pugh
SE5847 : Daffodils orbiting Mars by DS Pugh
SE6141 : Autumnal cherry trees by DS Pugh
SE6238 : Descent from Pluto by DS Pugh

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