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Named after the nearby stray (in SE6548), Langwith was the second college at the University of York, opening the same day as Derwent College. Langwith College was based on the Heslington West campus from 1965-2009 comprising of four accommodation blocks (A, B, C & D) and the nucleus with its bar, dining hall (later named Hendrix Hall after Jimmy Hendrix) and academic departments (English and Education). These blocks were situated alongside the lake between Derwent and Vanbrugh. In the late 1990s Langwith gained two additional accommodation blocks (Langwith E & F blocks) of the four constructed to the north of University Road next to Heslington Church fields. These blocks become known as Derwith (as the remaining two blocks belonged to Derwent College). In 2012 Langwith left its former college buildings (which were handed over to Derwent college) and moved to a set of new college buildings on Heslington East, as part of Phase 2 of the campus expansion. This new college consists of 4 courts, named Sydney Smith (Chair of University Council from 1990 to 2001), Philip Brockbank (after the original Provost), Gordon & Francesca Horsfield and John West Taylor (Secretary to the Academic Development Committee of York Civic Trust, which supported the founding of the university) plus the Langwith Nucleus comprising the bar and college administration buildings. On Heslington East, Langwith sits between Goodricke College (to the west) and Constantine College (to the east).
by DS Pugh
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SE6250 : Chemistry path and Langwith by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Towards Langwith College by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Sydney Smith Court by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Langwith from Chemistry by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Basketball court by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Quiet Place over the lake by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Langwith College by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Ducks near Langwith by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Langwith B Block by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Site of Alcuin Bridge by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Langwith nucleus and accommodation by DS Pugh
SE6350 : New Langwith by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Sydney Smith A block by DS Pugh
SE6450 : Towards Constantine and Langwith by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Towards Spring Lane Bridge by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Heslington East from A64 bridge by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Langwith college nucleus by DS Pugh
SE6350 : John West Taylor court by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Langwith College by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Langwith and Constantine colleges by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Gordon and Francesca Horsfield Court by DS Pugh
SE6350 : Constantine Blocks B, F and A by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Langwith Bridge by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Chemistry D block and music practice rooms by DS Pugh
SE6250 : Langwith D block by DS Pugh

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