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The Big Sleuth Bears appeared on the streets of Birmingham in July 2017.

The Big Sleuth Trail unites 100 giant bear sculptures that have been designed by artists, with 137 bear cubs created by local school children as part of The Big Sleuth Learning Programme. Together they form a fantastic, free public art trail that will lead you to parts of the city and wider region that you may never have visited before.

The bears will be auctioned in October in support of the Children's Hospital.
by John M
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SP0786 : 'Bear it in Mindfulness...' Bear by John M
SP0687 : 'Mummy Bear' by John M
SP0787 : 'Goldie' Bear by John M
SP0686 : 'The Bear that Cares' by John M
SP0686 : 'Wild City' Bear by John M
SP0787 : 'Get Your Bearings' by John M
SP0787 : 'Vincent the Bipolar Bear' by John M
SP0786 : 'Bearmingham' Bear by John M
SP0687 : 'Snowy' by John M
SP1196 : Gracechurch Shopping Centre by Gordon Griffiths
SP1195 : Tiger Lily Bear by Gordon Griffiths
SP0686 : 'Olly the Octobear' by John M
SP0787 : 'Dr Bear Brawn' by John M
SP0687 : 'Factory Bear' by John M
SP0686 : 'Spock' Bear by John M
SP0686 : 'Art+Believe = Sunrise City' Bear by John M
SP0686 : 'Sun and Moon Bear' by John M
SP1196 : Wildlife Detective Bear by Gordon Griffiths
SP0687 : 'Peabody' Bear by John M
SP0787 : 'Honey Bear Honey Bottle' by John M
SP0787 : 'PODdington' Bear by John M
SP1094 : Boldmere Bear by Gordon Griffiths
SP0787 : 'We are going on a Bear Hundertwasser' by John M
SP0687 : 'Xt' Bear by John M
SP0787 : 'Jungle Jenny' by John M

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