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Gedling Country Park was established as such by Gedling Borough Council in 2014 and opened to the public in 2015. It comprises the area of the waste tips of the former Gedling Colliery which closed in 1991.

The area of the colliery itself is excluded from the park and is not formally open to the public, although there are some unbarriered access points.

The park is largely open ground sloping steeply to the south west, resulting from artificial and natural seeding of grass and limited scrub woodland to maintain stability of the waste material.

Much of the open space is fenced off to provide protection for ground nesting birds such as skylark and lapwing which are already a feature of the Park. The result is that human activity is largely restricted to the extensive network of paths. These have been developed as multi-user routes, suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and, within the constraints of the steep nature of the site, wheelchair users. There are 4 defined circuits, of different lengths, named after the various seams mined by the colliery High Hazels, Main Bright, Top Hard, Low Hazels.

There are three lagoons, one in the upper area and two at the foot of the Park. These are part of the overall drainage scheme for the tip, an essential feature to maintain the stability of the spoil. These lagoons are being managed as wildlife habitats for both birds and invertebrates.

As at the end of 2017, the following features have been established. An extensive children's play area was opened in 2016, including the Mining Tower, a slide feature reflecting the former winding headgear of the colliery.

A visitor centre with cafe, toilets and terrace opened in June 2017, and will eventually incorporate displays covering the history of the colliery. The cafe has the name 'Cafe 1899', reflecting the date when the colliery commenced operation.

A Memorial Garden on the slopes below the visitor centre opened in April 2017. This incorporates a pergola formed from a series of the rings used to support the roof of one of the main underground roadways of the colliery. In December 2017 a flame-shaped sculpture was unveiled, with cut-outs of various aspects of mining.

Two features of note are not within the park itself. On the highest part of the tip a large solar farm with an output of 5.74MW has been established as an enclave within the park, but not of it. Within its boundaries wildlife in the form of the ground nesting birds mentioned above flourishes. Within the old colliery area itself, a small generating plant has been set up, fuelled by methane tapped from the remaining coal underground.
by Alan Murray-Rust

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SK6143 : The solar farm on the top of the tip by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Rabbit, Gedling Country Park by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : Parting of the ways  official path left, unofficial path right by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : Old railway lines in the old colliery area by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Heron, Gedling Country Park by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Memorial Garden, underground roadway hoops by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : Methane capture power plant by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Gedling Country Park, New Years Day 2019 by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Hedgehog, Gedling Country Park by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Flame sculpture in the Memorial Garden by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : Three teasels by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Memorial Garden and new Hartland Drive housing on the hill by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : View from the beacon by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Green Woodpecker, Gedling Country Park by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : The upper lagoon, developed as a reed-bed by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Windswept leaves by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : The Blue Lagoon (Northern Basin) by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Seat in the Memorial Garden, Gedling Country Park by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : Gulls on the ice, Southern Basin by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : Silver birch bark by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Drainage channel by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Badger, Gedling Country Park by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6143 : The beacon, overlooking the Trent Valley with views to the Leicestershire Wolds by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : Frozen edge of the upper lagoon by Alan Murray-Rust
SK6144 : The Mining Tower by Alan Murray-Rust

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