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Ironstone Mining on Raasay

Between 1912 and 1916 iron ore was extracted from ironstones that outcrop in the southern part of the Isle of Raasay. Extensive ruins of the workings and associated buildings continue to disfigure the landscape of the island.
by Anne Burgess

Created: Wed, 2 May 2018, Updated: Wed, 2 May 2018

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NG5534 : Ironstone Railway by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Old Pier at Suisnish by Anne Burgess
NG5535 : Inverarish by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Ammonite Fossils by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Raasay Iron Works by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Belemnite Fossils by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Fallen Blocks by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Ironstone Hopper by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Ironworks Kilns by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Mine Buildings by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Kilns at Iron Works by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Mineral Railway Track by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Track of Mineral Railway by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Industrial Archaeology by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Oolitic Limestone by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Belemnite Fossils by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Remains of Opencast Mining by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Railway Trackbed by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : Suisnish by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Former Culvert by Anne Burgess
NG5534 : East Suisnish Pier by Anne Burgess
NG5636 : Concretions by Anne Burgess

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