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The city’s worker bee motif has been part of the city’s heraldry for more than 150 years as an emblem of the industrious Mancunian spirit. During 2017, it took on an even more powerful meaning as a symbol of unity following the tragic events of May 22 LinkExternal link .

Bee in the City was a large scale public art event which took place in Manchester between 23 July and 23 September 2018. More than 100 large, fibreglass bee sculptures were placed at the city’s landmarks and some lesser known “undiscovered gems”. Each of the bees, which stand 1½ metres in height, was decorated with its own unique design, created by regional professional, emerging and amateur artists to celebrate the unique buzz of Manchester, from its industrial heritage to its vibrant music scene (LinkExternal link Bee in the City website).

At the end of the event, the majority (77) of the bees were auctioned to raise funds for the We Love MCR Charity LinkExternal link . All 131 little Bees created by children and young people as part of the Learning Programme were returned to the schools and youth groups that designed them.
by David Dixon
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SJ8795 : Crowcroft Park, Longsight by David Dixon
SJ8398 : Pablo Bee-Casso by Gerald England
SJ8398 : Bee Hopeful by Gerald England
SJ8398 :  Bee M A D (Mad About Denton) by Gerald England
SJ8798 : Buzzworth by Gerald England
SJ8398 : Bee in the City #041 "Sylvia" at the People's History Museum by David Dixon
SJ8397 : Bee Free by Gerald England
SJ8397 : Bee-bop-a-raver by Gerald England
SD8304 : Lily's Bee by David Dixon
SJ8397 : Bee Here Now by Gerald England
SJ8497 : AuBee  by Gerald England
SJ8498 : Doing the Waggle Dance by Gerald England
SJ8397 : Bee-bop-a-raver with Engels Outside HOME by David Dixon
SJ8397 : Industrious by David Dixon
SJ7996 : Bees of Anarchy by Gerald England
SJ8898 : Polly-do-you-remember? (detail) by Gerald England
SJ8496 : Beejing by Gerald England
SJ8097 : Blue Bee-ter at MediaCityUK by David Dixon
SJ8798 : The Bee from the East by Gerald England
SJ8498 : HoneyBoo by Gerald England
SJ8397 : Bee United One City by Gerald England
SJ8497 : Bee in the City, All Saints' Park by David Dixon
SJ8497 : Bee-sy Rider by Gerald England
SJ8097 : Blue Bee-ter by Gerald England
SJ8498 : Be Proud by Gerald England

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