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Fields of Gold 2018

The Harvest of 2018 is interesting. We have had a long, dry and increasingly hot summer, and grain is being harvested earlier than usual. The early winter was dry, but a severe cold spell set in late with some snow. The reservoirs are low and we are short of water.

Despite the absence of summer rains it has grown well, and matured normally, at least in Lincolnshire, and might be a high quality, if low weight yield. Unlike other years there are no bald patches caused by cold, wet, or poor germination, and no areas beaten flat by thunderstorms.

I am concerned that this sort of summer may become more common, and after more such summers the harvest may never look like this again. So I have started a small photographic project to record what I can of 2018.

My effort was cut short by torrential thunderstorms on 27th of July, the first rain for at least 35 days.
by Bob Harvey

Created: Thu, 26 Jul 2018, Updated: Sat, 4 Aug 2018

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TF2309 : Abbey, Summer Gold, and Houses by Bob Harvey
TF0722 : Waiting for the combine by Bob Harvey
TF1122 : Wheat on Dyke Fen by Bob Harvey
SK9126 : Wheat Field by Bob Harvey
TF0025 : A weed in the wheat by Bob Harvey
TF0827 : Sunlit gold by Bob Harvey
TF1414 : Wheatfield on Langtoft Fen by Bob Harvey
TF2309 : The Crop by Bob Harvey
TF0025 : Field by Bob Harvey
SK9126 : Wheat crop by Bob Harvey
TF0630 : Awaiting the cut by Bob Harvey
SK9126 : Avena fatua  by Bob Harvey
TF0630 : Gold behind the Hedge by Bob Harvey
SK9126 : Wheat field near the Cringle Brook by Bob Harvey
TF1021 : Gold in Meadow Drove by Bob Harvey
TF2309 : Gold near Crowland by Bob Harvey
TF0630 : Nearly all gold by Bob Harvey
TF1122 : Wheat on Bourne North Fen by Bob Harvey
TF0630 : Lone tree by Bob Harvey
TF0630 : Fields of Gold by Bob Harvey

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