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This is a training wall, built in order to deepen the channel of the River Clyde for shipping. Construction began in 1773, although there would be later additions to the dyke. See NS4273 : The Lang Dyke for a much more detailed account.
by Lairich Rig
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NS4173 : Dumbuck Perch Light by Lairich Rig
NS4672 : River Clyde and Dumbarton Rock by Thomas Nugent
NS4173 : New green beacon on the Lang Dyke by Lairich Rig
NS4273 : Supposed remains of a Roman causeway by Lairich Rig
NS4073 : The River Clyde and Ben Lomond by Thomas Nugent
NS3474 : Navigation markers on the Clyde by Thomas Nugent
NS4273 : The Lang Dyke by Lairich Rig
NS4273 : The Lang Dyke by Lairich Rig
NS4273 : The Lang Dyke by Lairich Rig
NS3974 : River Leven and River Clyde from the air by Thomas Nugent
NS4871 : Dalmuir, Erskine Bridge and Firth of Clyde from the air by Thomas Nugent
NS4173 : The River Clyde and Milton by Thomas Nugent
NS4273 : The Longhaugh Light by Lairich Rig
NS4173 : New red beacon in the Clyde by Lairich Rig

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