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Aviator Place is a development of terrace houses and apartments along the A40 Western Avenue, replacing semi-detached houses demolished when a road scheme was planned for Gypsy Corner but was later abandoned. The access roads parallel to Western Avenue are Grieg Road with 9 houses and 8-apartment Chopin House, Holst Road with 10 houses and 7-apartment Mahler House, Mozart Gardens with 10 houses and 6-apartment Schubert House. The estate is developed by Notting Hill Genesis with many properties available by shared ownership. A requirement for the scheme was a "green corridor" of planting between the busy main road and the housing.
by David Hawgood
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TQ2081 : West end of cycle route C34, North Acton by David Hawgood
TQ2081 : Terrace houses, Grieg Road, North Acton by David Hawgood
TQ2081 : Solar panels, Grieg Road, North Acton by David Hawgood
TQ2081 : Mahler House apartment block, Holst Road by David Hawgood
TQ2081 : Mozart Gardens terrace houses, North Acton by David Hawgood
TQ2081 : Chopin House apartments, Grieg Road, North Acton by David Hawgood
TQ2081 : Schubert House apartments, Mozart Gardens by David Hawgood
TQ2081 : Holst Road, Aviator Place, North Acton by David Hawgood
TQ2081 : Electric vehicle charging points, Holst Road North Acton by David Hawgood

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