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The Forth and Clyde Canal links Bowling on the Firth of Clyde with Grangemouth on the Firth of Forth. It allowed goods to be transported between the east and west coasts, and to be exported from Glasgow to Europe or from Edinburgh to America, without taking the hazardous route round the north of Scotland or the longer route via the English Channel.

It is 56 kilometres (35 miles) long and has 39 locks, and the highest point is 47 metres (155 feet) above sea level. Originally there were 33 drawbridges, ten large aqueducts and 33 smaller ones.

It was designed by the engineer John Smeaton and opened in 1790, after over 20 years of planning and construction.

With time seagoing vessels became too large to pass through the locks, and competition from the railways in the 19th century led to it being more or less disused, and it was closed in 1963.

However it was reopened as a Millennium project in 2001, and linked to the Union Canal by the Falkirk Wheel.
by Anne Burgess
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NS5867 : Old Basin Works by Anne Burgess
NS4473 : Lock 40, Bowling Basin by Richard Sutcliffe
NS4573 : Old stables, Ferrydyke Bridge by Richard Sutcliffe
NS5867 : Painter at Work by Anne Burgess
NS7276 : Barges at Auchinstarry by Richard Sutcliffe
NS6473 : Wee Spark by Richard Sutcliffe
NS7176 : Canal maintenance by Richard Sutcliffe
NS4673 : Path beside the Forth and Clyde Canal by Lairich Rig
NS6172 : Swans on the canal by Richard Sutcliffe
NS6373 : An excursion on the canal by Richard Sutcliffe
NS4573 : Forth and Clyde Canal by Richard Sutcliffe
NS5867 : Old Basin by Anne Burgess
NS8580 : Forth and Clyde Canal below the Falkirk Wheel by Stephen Craven
NS6674 : The Antonine Wall adjacent to the Forth and Clyde Canal by Richard Sutcliffe
NS4573 : Cobbled entrance to old stables by Lairich Rig
NS5866 : Spier's Wharf by Anne Burgess
NS6473 : Boats at Joe's Wharf by Richard Sutcliffe
NS5669 : Maryhill Locks, Forth and Clyde Canal by Alan Murray-Rust
NS5768 : Bilsland Drive Aqueduct, Forth and Clyde Canal by Alan Murray-Rust
NS5569 : Forth and Clyde Canal, Temple by Stephen McKay
NS8981 : Forth & Clyde Canal, Bankside, Falkirk by Stephen Craven
NS8780 : Forth and Clyde Canal, Lock#12 by David Dixon
NS5768 : Stockingfield Junction by Stephen McKay
NS4573 : Ruins of stables by Lairich Rig
NS7076 : Wharf and slipway, Twechar by Richard Sutcliffe

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