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I've started photographing separate garages like these, as they are very much 'of their time' (mid 20th century) and seem to be among the first structures to get demolished when an area is being redeveloped. Often, they are too small for contemporary vehicles such as SUVs and are used only for general storage.
by Stephen Craven

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SE1941 : Lock-up garages, Shakespeare Road by Stephen Craven
SE2534 : Raynville Walk garages by Stephen Craven
SE3421 : Garages on Linton Road by Stephen Craven
SE2337 : Lock-up garages, Stoney Lane, Horsforth by Stephen Craven
SE2537 : Lock-up garages, Old Farm Approach by Stephen Craven
SE2134 : Garages on Owlcotes Lane by Stephen Craven
SE2534 : Lock-up garages, Aston Mount, Bramley by Stephen Craven
SE2134 : Lock-up garages, The Boulevard, Farsley by Stephen Craven
SE2135 : Lock-up garages, Westway, Farsley by Stephen Craven
SE2434 : Lock-up garages, Rossefield Grove by Stephen Craven
SE2635 : Lock-up garages, Eden Mount by Stephen Craven
SE2535 : Lockups on Raynville Avenue by Stephen Craven
SE2434 : Lock-up garages at the top of Snowden Royd, Bramley by Stephen Craven
SE2534 : Lock-up garages, Aston Terrace, Bramley by Stephen Craven
SE2444 : Garages at Far Row by Stephen Craven
SE2834 : Lock up garages round the back of Mountfields by Stephen Craven
SE2435 : Substation and garages off Warrel's Mount  by Stephen Craven
SE2539 : Lock-up garages, Tinshill Mount by Stephen Craven
SE2334 : Lock-ups at the end of Swinnow Walk by Stephen Craven
SE2434 : Lock-up garages, Rossefield Terrace, Bramley by Stephen Craven
SE2434 : Car park and garages for Osbourne Court, Bramley by Stephen Craven
SE2732 : Lock-up garages, Elmfield Grove, Wortley by Stephen Craven
SE2334 : Substation and garages for the Rycroft estate, Swinnow by Stephen Craven
SE2040 : Garages, Church Court, Yeadon (2) by Stephen Craven
SE2433 : Garages on Gamble Hill Drive by Stephen Craven

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