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Citu was launched in 2017 as a plan for "the UK's first low-carbon urban neighbourhood" also known as a "climate innovation district". The architects are White Arkitekter, in partnership with Leeds Beckett University,and developers Citu Homes.

When complete, the 6 hectare brownfield site will comprise more than 500 apartments and houses on both banks of the river Aire east of the city centre, with provision for manufacturing, leisure and office space. It includes a foot and cycle bridge spanning the river to link the two halves of the development and to provide a public traffic-free river crossing a short way upstream of the busy South Accommodation Road.

The low-carbon goal is being achieved not only by designing energy efficient buildings with green roofs, but also exporting surplus energy from solar panels to the national grid, rainwater harvesting, and making the prefabricated building elements for the timber-framed buildings on site in a construction plant established on Clarence Avenue.

The first homes were completed in 2018 on the north bank, along with the bridge. By 2020 work continued on the north bank ("Solar Avenue"), which is partly on the site of the former Albion shoddy mills. A later phase of building will cover the site of the former Clarence Iron and Steel Works on the south bank.

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by Stephen Craven
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SE3132 : CITU - south bank site by Stephen Craven
SE3132 : CITU - river bridge, detail by Stephen Craven
SE3132 : CITU posters, Clarence Road, Leeds by Stephen Craven
SE3132 : CITU - ramp to the bridge by Stephen Craven
SE3132 : CITU development site, south bank by Stephen Craven
SE3132 : CITU - approach to the bridge by Stephen Craven
SE3132 : CITU - first phase houses by Stephen Craven
SE3132 : CITU construction plant by Stephen Craven
SE3132 : CITU - north bank development by Stephen Craven

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