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The tramway at the festival was a co-operation between the festival and the National Tramway Museum at Crich.

As well as supplying most of the trams to operate the tramway, the NTM provided the know-how for creating the tramway, including the training of both the driving and the maintenance staff.

The fees for this were a major addition to the Museum's funds.

Five trams were operated, three of which had operated on the original Glasgow tramway system, and came from the Museum's collection. These were:

Paisley Corporation Tramways 68. Restored to its original 1919 Paisley condition as a traditional open-top double deck car, this format being defined by a low-bridge on the main route in Paisley. After being taken over by the Glasgow tramways it spent a large proportion of its life as a 'standard' fully enclosed car.

Glasgow Corporation Tramways 22. Restored to its original 1922 condition with open balconies, representing a typical Glasgow 'standard' 4-wheel tram of the period. Subsequently modernised with fully enclosed top deck.

Glasgow Corporation Tramways 1297. One of 100 'Cunarder' class bogie double-deck trams built in 1948 in the tramway's own workshops. It represented probably the ultimate development of the British tram prior to the development of the new generation of tramways in the late 20th/early 21st century.

Edinburgh Corporation 35. Built in 1948 as part of fleet modernisation, the decision shortly afterwards to replace the trams with buses meant that it had a very short life of just 8 years before being selected by the City Council for preservation. It moved to the NTM shortly after the Festival before becoming formally part of the NTM collection in 2008.

Blackpool Corporation 606. This was the only tram at the Festival to come from its original working environment. One of a series of 12 open cars built in 1934 principally for use on the Promenade in Blackpool as part of the virtually complete modernisation of the Blackpool fleet in the 1930s. Folloowing withdrawal from the Blackpool fleet, it has found its way to the National Capital Trolley Museum in Maryland, USA.
by Alan Murray-Rust
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