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A key worker & Covid-19

I certainly don't consider myself to be a key worker and I confess to not liking the term. However, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic 'lockdown' I had to work and was allowed to travel from home as I was termed a key worker. During March & April 2020 this was at times quite a surreal experience. The images which share this description are a small record of my experiences. Looking back on the early weeks I never quite knew what to expect each time I left home as the railway network adjusted and very few people were out on the roads. I kept expecting someone to come up and challenge me, they never did.

I have also included a few images taken close to home during the lockdown on days when I was not at work, I've tried to ensure that they are clearly linked to the pandemic and not just another photo which happened to be taken during the lockdown. Among the last few images with this shared description are those taken when I went to receive my first vaccination, almost a year to the day after the first lockdown was imposed.

NOTE: For my own record I consider "Day 1" of the lockdown to have been 23 March 2020. I have not made any distinction between the first lockdown and the second. The official government website referred to the second lockdown as 'New National Restrictions'. These ran from 5 November through to Wednesday 2nd December 2020. From this point on I have not kept count of the days as the 'Tier' system was put in place with different regions being placed under different tiers at different times. I for one quickly lost track of what I could and couldn't do.
by Mr Ignavy

Created: Thu, 29 Oct 2020, Updated: Sat, 13 Mar 2021

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TL4558 : Hobson's Passage by Mr Ignavy
SU6734 : Garthowen Garden Centre by Mr Ignavy
SU6452 : Trolleys on a long coffee break by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Covid-19 certification - Tribeys Barbers by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Lloyds Bank - Basingstoke by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Workstation Unavailable by Mr Ignavy
TL4558 : A large reminder of Covid-19 by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Construction sign - platforms 2 & 3 by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : How does this work? by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : No shortage of parking spaces by Mr Ignavy
SU5649 : An Important Notice by Mr Ignavy
SU6452 : Covid-19 queue reminders - Waitrose by Mr Ignavy
SU6452 : Not many people shopping by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Doorway of W H Smith by Mr Ignavy
SU8656 : Keep Hampshire Safe by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Sleep Well - Loddon Mall by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Train advertising during Covid-19 pandemic by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Mr Simms Sweet Shop - Basingstoke by Mr Ignavy
SU6351 : The Maidenhead Inn - Winchester Street by Mr Ignavy
SU6452 : Closed cafe due to Covid-19 by Mr Ignavy
SU5746 : Limited choice by Mr Ignavy
SU5750 : Play Park Closed by Mr Ignavy
SU5750 : A slight change of wording by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Managing during Covid-19 by Mr Ignavy
SU6352 : Covid-19 signage - Basingstoke station by Mr Ignavy

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