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One of the diminishing number of Darby and Joan clubs still meets in Bourne. The hall was built in 1959 and was officially opened on Tuesday 12th July 1960 by the Earl of Ancaster.

The hall was built by public subscription, including £1000 from the fund for memorials for King George VI. A bronze profile of the late king is attached near the door.
by Bob Harvey
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TF0920 : Datestone by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Dedicatory plaque for the defibrillator by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Defibrillator at the Darby and Joan Hall by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Darby and Joan Hall by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Precautions at the Darby and Joan by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Bourne in Bloom by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : The Darby and Joan Hall by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Inside the Darby and Joan hall by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Queuing for cakes by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Darby and Joan Hall by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : A memorial to King George VI by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Towards the hall by Bob Harvey

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