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When the present queen acceded to the throne in February 1952, she chose the title Queen Elizabeth II which was reflected in her royal cypher, which took the Latin form 'EIIR'. As was traditional this was applied to newly installed postboxes throughout the UK.
Unfortunately this was to cause problems to some people in Scotland who objected on the grounds that there had never been a Queen Elizabeth I of Scotland. This led to vandalism to those postboxes which bore the new EIIR cypher. One particular example in Edinburgh was subjected to repeated attacks before being blown to pieces less than three months after its unveiling.
It therefore came to pass that any new postbox installed in Scotland from 1953 would bear the Crown of Scotland image rather than the EIIR cypher.
A post box with the EIIR cypher installed in Dunoon by 'error' in 2018 had to be replaced shortly after being discovered. There may however be still some examples in Scotland which bear the EIIR cypher which have yet to be discovered.
Strangely there seems to be no objections to the postboxes bearing the cyphers of Edward VII and Edward VIII on similar grounds.
by JThomas
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ND3651 : Close up, Elizabethan postbox, Wick Post Office (left) by JThomas
NT4637 : Close up, Elizabethan postbox on the A72, Torwoodlee by JThomas
NK0365 : Elizabethan postbox on Duthie Terrace, Cairnbulg by JThomas
NT1289 : Elizabethan postbox on Kingseat Road, Halbeath by JThomas
NS8879 : Elizabethan postbox and telephone box on High Station Road, Falkirk by JThomas
NJ9867 : Elizabethan postbox on Watermill Road, Fraserburgh by JThomas
ND1760 : Close up, Elizabethan postbox outside Stemster Schoolhouse by JThomas
NJ9925 : Elizabethan postbox on Main Street, Newburgh by JThomas
NC9711 : Close up, Elizabethan postbox, Lothmore by JThomas
NT8756 : Elizabethan postbox on Main Street West End, Chirnside by JThomas
NS9662 : Postbox on Hens Nest Road, Stoneyburn by JThomas
ND0468 : Close up, Elizabethan postbox on the A836, Forss by JThomas
NS9462 : Postbox on Main Street, Longridge by JThomas
NS8080 : Elizabethan postbox and telephone box, Dennyloanhead by JThomas
NS6858 : Elizabethan postbox on Blantyre Farm Road, Blantyre by JThomas
NS3538 : Postbox topper on Elizabethan postbox, Main Street, Dreghorn by JThomas
NO4749 : Elizabethan postbox on Dunnichen Road, Kingsmuir by JThomas
NT4767 : Elizabethan postbox, East Saltoun by JThomas
NS6464 : Elizabethan postbox on Killin Street, Shettleston by JThomas
ND2872 : Elizabethan postbox on the A836, Mey by JThomas
NS7460 : Postbox on Main Street, Bellshill by JThomas
TG0743 : Close up, Elizabethan postbox, Salthouse by JThomas
ND3472 : Close up, Elizabethan postbox, Canisbay by JThomas
NS5763 : Pillar box on St John's Road, Pollokshields by JThomas
NK1038 : Elizabethan postbox on A975, Tillymaud by JThomas

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