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Gloucestershire Stone Stiles Project

An archive of surviving stone stiles in Gloucestershire under the auspices of CPRE LinkExternal link.
For a uMap of a growing list of them (mostly on see LinkExternal link

Supported by Gloucestershire CPRE, the Countryside Charity, Cotteswold Naturalists Field Club (Est. 1846) and English Heritage
by Mr Red

Created: Sun, 28 Nov 2021, Updated: Mon, 4 Jul 2022

2044 images use this description. Preview sample shown below:

SO9335 : Stone Stile, Kinsham by Rose Phillips
SO8406 : Stone Stile Stokenhill Lane, Whiteshill GS9313 by Maggie Booth
SP1404 : Stone Stile, Quennington by Jayne Tovey
ST6689 : Stone Stile, Thornbury GS9520 by Richard Laycock
SO8408 : Stone Stile, Harescombe by Mr Red
SO8803 : Stone Stile Toadsmoor Woods, Chalford GS9284 by Hugh Tarran
ST6788 : Stone Stile, Tytherington GS9549 by Lenneke Jansens
ST7583 : Stone Stile, Little Sodbury by Mr Red
SO6607 : Stone Stile, Brains Green by Mr Red
SO9509 : Stone Stile, Winstone by Mr Red
SO8409 : Stone Stile, Harescombe by Mr Red
SP1438 : Stone Stile, Chipping Campden by the Campden Society
SP1405 : Stone Stile, Coln St Aldwyns by Mr Red
SO9203 : Stone Stile, Far Oakridge GS1083 by John Loosley
ST8797 : Stone Kissing Gate, Avening by Mr Red
SO9006 : Stone Stile, Bisley by Jayne Tovey
ST7678 : Stone Stile, Tormarton by Fay Britton
ST7774 : Stone Stile, Marshfield by Heather Greenwood
SO8801 : Stone Stile, Minchinhampton by Mr Red
ST8795 : Stone Stile, Beverstone by Mr Red
SO5602 : Stone Stile, Hewelsfield by Mr Red
SP0700 : Stone Stile, Harnhill by Jayne Tovey
SO9003 : Stone Stile, Chalford Hill by Mr Red
SO8408 : Stone Stile, Harescombe by Mr Red
SP1913 : Stone Stile, Windrush by Jayne Tovey

... and 2019 more images.

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