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Puffins Galore Trail 2022

Officially opened on July 2nd, 2022 the trail of forty-two artist decorated sculptures can be seen right along the East Yorkshire coast from Bempton to Spurn Point, with a few even migrating inland.
by JThomas

Created: Sat, 2 Jul 2022, Updated: Sat, 2 Jul 2022

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TA1765 : Princess Mary Promenade and paddling pool by JThomas
TA4115 : "Amy's Light" by Emma Garness, near the Discovery Centre car park, Spurn by habiloid
TA1767 : Pharmacy on Westgate, Old Town by JThomas
TA1754 : Mr Moo's Ice Cream Parlour, Skipsea by JThomas
TA1866 : Buffalos American Steakhouse by JThomas
TA2048 : Sea Heroes #19 by JThomas
TA2147 : Hornsea Boat Compound by JThomas
TA2048 : North Promenade, Hornsea by JThomas
TA2048 : Promenade, Hornsea by JThomas
TA0339 : Shops on Saturday Market, Beverley by JThomas
TA2048 : Promenade, Hornsea by JThomas
TA1866 : Walkway above harbour by JThomas
TA0339 : Entrance to the Treasure House, Beverley by JThomas
TA2047 : Hornsea Hub, Hornsea  by JThomas
TA1866 : The Lobster Capital of Europe #12 by JThomas
TA1866 : Buccaneer #13 by JThomas
TA1767 : The Bayle Museum by JThomas
TA1866 : Café on Garrison Square by JThomas
TA1866 : Garrison Square by JThomas
TA2371 : Café and the Caravel Bar, North Landing, Flamborough by JThomas
TA2270 : Coasty the Puffin by David Dixon
TA1967 : Green space and shelter near public toilets on Limekiln Lane by JThomas
TA1973 : The Balance of Threat and Hope #1 by JThomas
TA0432 : Cottingham puffin by Paul Harrop
TA2270 : Cameron Gardens, Flamborough by JThomas

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