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Saltwell Towers

Built between 1860 and 1871 in Saltwell Park (formerly the estate of the house), for William Wailes, the stained-glass manufacturer LinkExternal link

The style of the building is largely a mixture of Gothic and Elizabethan with some French influence. The general external appearance is dominated by asymmetrical towers, steeply pitched roofs, plain and crenellated parapets and tall chimney-stacks. The house is built in dark brick with yellow brick dressings and some yellow brick decorative patterns.

In 1876 Wailes sold Saltwell Towers to Gateshead, but leased it back. A later occupant was J.A.D. Shipley (d.1909), whose picture collection became the Shipley Art Gallery NZ2561 : Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead. In 1914-18 Saltwell Towers was a hospital, but afterwards stood empty until used as the Local and Industrial Museum, 1933-68. Dry rot forced its closure and it remained derelict and roofless for some years.
It was re-opened to the public as Saltwell Park's Visitor Centre and cafe in 2004 after undergoing a five-year restoration scheme costing more than £3m. The work by Gateshead Councilís Local Environmental Services was awarded the Gold Laurel Award by the Institute of Maintenance and Building Management in 2006.

Tyne and Wear HER(8261): Gateshead, Saltwell Park, Saltwell Towers LinkExternal link

Major Award for Saltwell Towers 05/06/2006 LinkExternal link
by Andrew Curtis

Created: Fri, 27 Nov 2009, Updated: Wed, 26 Nov 2014

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NZ2560 : Boer War Memorial, Saltwell Park by Andrew Curtis
NZ2560 : Saltwell Towers by Andrew Curtis
NZ2560 : Primosole Bridge, Saltwell Park by Andrew Curtis
NZ2560 : Charlton Memorial Fountain, Saltwell Park by Andrew Curtis
NZ2560 : Saltwell Towers, east side by Andrew Curtis
NZ2560 : 'Pavilion for Cultural Exchange', Saltwell Park by Andrew Curtis

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