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The Gardens were established in 1759. The gardens are responsible for the world's largest collection of living plants. The site houses four Grade I and thirty six Grade II listed buildings. The gardens were designated UNESCO World Heritage status in 2003.
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by N Chadwick
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TQ1877 : Urn, Kew Gardens by N Chadwick
TQ1776 : Benches in Kew Gardens by N Chadwick
TQ1776 : Stinging Nettles by Hamish Griffin
TQ1876 : Above the canopy in the Palm House, Kew Gardens by N Chadwick
TQ1877 : Turner's Oak by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : Avenue Lodge by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : Egyptian goose and gosling, Kew Gardens by Stephen Craven
TQ1877 : Palm House by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : Victoria Gate, Kew Gardens by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : Flowerbed of tulips, Kew Gardens by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : The Campanile by N Chadwick
TQ1776 : Queen Charlotte's cottage by Paul Gillett
TQ1876 : View from treetop walkway, Kew - Temperate house by N Chadwick
TQ1877 : Cafe, Kew Gardens by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : Cedar Trees, Kew Gardens by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : Syon Vista by Paul Gillett
TQ1877 : Urn in flower bed by N Chadwick
TQ1776 : Bird box on Oak Tree by Hamish Griffin
TQ1876 : Inside The Palm House by N Chadwick
TQ1877 : Amorphophallus titanum by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : Carpet of blue by N Chadwick
TQ1877 : Princess of Wales Conservatory by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : Japanese Gardens, Kew by Hamish Griffin
TQ1877 : Maidenhair Tree (Gingko), Kew Gardens by N Chadwick
TQ1876 : In the Palm House by N Chadwick

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