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Chares is a Geordie word used for the narrow alley-ways in Newcastle. There used to be about 20 chares which led back from the Quayside in the medieval town (Dark Chare, Grindon Chare, Blue Anchor Chare, Peppercorn Chare, Palester Chare, Colvin's Chare, Hornsby Chare, Plumber Chare, Fenwick's Chare, Dark Chare, Broad Garth, Peacock Chare, Trinity Chare, Rewcastle Chare, Broad Chare, Spicer Lane, Burn Bank, Byker Chare, Cock's Chare and Love Lane).

The name was also applied to narrow lanes in different parts of the city and other parts of Northumberland LinkExternal link

On the Quayside, they are thought to have arisen from wooden piers built out into the river, between which rubbish was dumped and houses built on the reclaimed land.

The buildings alongside the chares were crowded and unpleasant. Many were destroyed in the great fire of 1854 NZ2563 : Hillgate explosion, vividly illustrated in 'View from the High Level Bridge' by M. & M. W. Lambert (1854) LinkExternal link

Broad Chare was so called as it was wide enough for a cart, the others were much narrower LinkExternal link

Wikipedia: LinkExternal link
The present state of Newcastle: Streets within the walls by Eneas Mackenzie (1827) LinkExternal link
Plan of Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead by John Wood (1827) LinkExternal link
Tyne and Wear HER(1596): Newcastle, Quayside (The Key) LinkExternal link
Tyne and Wear HER(11101): Newcastle, medieval town LinkExternal link
by Andrew Curtis

Created: Tue, 26 Oct 2010, Updated: Thu, 27 Nov 2014

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NZ2463 : St Nicholas Chare by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : 57 Quayside by Andrew Curtis
NZ2564 : Manor Chare and railway viaduct by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Castle Stairs climbing from Sandhill to the Castle Garth by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : The line of Plummer Chare leading to Dog Bank by Andrew Curtis
NZ2463 : Tuthill Stairs by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Trinity Chare by Andrew Curtis
NZ2564 : Love Lane by Andrew Curtis
NZ2564 : Sandgate by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Steps to Broad Garth from Dog Bank by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : The Castle Keep from near the top of Castle Stairs by Andrew Curtis
NZ2463 : Pink Lane from Clayton Street West by Andrew Curtis
NZ2464 : Pudding Chare from Bigg Market by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Rewcastle Chare, Quayside by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Broad Garth by Andrew Curtis
NZ2464 : Wilson's Court by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Upper part of Plummer Chare by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Blue Anchor Court by Andrew Curtis
NZ2463 : Forth Lane by Andrew Curtis
NZ2464 : Prudhoe Chare by Andrew Curtis
NZ2564 : Anchor Chare, between Sandgate and Quayside by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Trinity House almshouses, Trinity Chare by Andrew Curtis
NZ2464 : Drury Lane by Andrew Curtis
NZ2564 : Dog Bank (right) from Broad Chare by Andrew Curtis
NZ2563 : Old Buildings on The Close, Newcastle Quayside by Andrew Curtis

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