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The term benchmark, originates from the chiselled horizontal marks that surveyors made in stone structures, into which an angle-iron could be placed to form a "bench" for a levelling rod, thus ensuring that a levelling rod could be accurately repositioned in the same place in future. These marks were usually indicated with a chiselled arrow below the horizontal line.
The height of a benchmark is calculated relative to the heights of nearby benchmarks in a network extending from a fundamental benchmark, a point with a precisely known relationship to the level datum of the area, typically mean sea level. The position and height of each benchmark is shown on large-scale maps.
by N Chadwick
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TL3705 : Stone by the Lea Navigation by N Chadwick
TQ3313 : Benchmark, Ditchling Beacon by N Chadwick
TQ9847 : Benchmark, Westwell by N Chadwick
SY9779 : Milestone with benchmark by N Chadwick
TQ6619 : Benchmark on the Trig point by N Chadwick
SX4654 : Benchmark, Stonehouse Barracks by N Chadwick
SJ9295 : Bench Mark at Crown Point by Gerald England
NN6207 : Cut Bench Mark site at Callander Kirk by Gerald England
TL4458 : Benchmark, School of Divinity by N Chadwick
SD8848 : Benchmark, Greenberfield Bridge (No.156) by N Chadwick
TR2157 : Benchmark, Church of St Vincent by N Chadwick
TQ6599 : Bench mark, junction of Fryerning Lane & High Street Ingatestone by Paul Jones
TF0246 : St Peter's Church: OS benchmark by Bob Harvey
SP2490 : OS benchmark - Church End, barn on Shawbury Lane by Richard Law
TQ5935 : Benchmark, St Alban's Church, Frant by N Chadwick
TQ2982 : Benchmark, Euston Station by N Chadwick
SJ8990 : Benchmark on Bank Chambers by Gerald England
SD8848 : Benchmark, Greenberfield Lock Bridge (No.157) by N Chadwick
SX9392 : Benchmark at corner of Victoria Park & Lyndhurst Roads, Exeter by David Smith
SY6686 : Benchmark on Boundary Stone by N Chadwick
SK9324 : The Church of John the Baptist: Ordnance Survey bench mark by Bob Harvey
SX9392 : Benchmark, corner of Lyndhurst and Victoria Park Roads, Exeter  by David Smith
SZ6399 : Benchmark, Pembroke Rd by N Chadwick
SP2490 : OS benchmark - Church End, St Cuthbert's church by Richard Law
SK9856 : OS Benchmark by Bob Harvey

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