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Maxwell (1831 – 1879) was born in Edinburgh, at 14 India Street, but spent his early years at Glenlair NX7572 : Glenlair House, the family estate in Galloway; his uncle was Sir George Clerk, baronet, of Penicuik House NT2159 : Penicuik House Project.
Maxwell’s work covered a wide area of physics, including the dynamics of Saturn’s rings and significant advances in the theory of heat and thermodynamics. In 1861 he showed the world’s first colour photograph at the Royal Institution.
His greatest scientific achievement lay in the synthesis of electricity and magnetism, showing the possibility of electromagnetic waves, of which light was the prime example. The celebrated Maxwell Equations encapsulate all electromagnetic phenomena in a few lines.
For a biography, see ‘The Man Who Changed Everything’ by Basil Mahon, Wiley 2003.
by Jim Barton
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NT2574 : Statue of James Clerk Maxwell, Edinburgh by Jim Barton
NT2574 : Statue of James Clerk Maxwell, George Street Edinburgh by Jim Barton
NT2574 : Maxwell's Equations by Jim Barton
NT2574 : Plaque to James Clerk Maxwell by Jim Barton

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