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Midday Christmas 2009

A collection of photos taken near midday by photographers all over the country. Map: Link
by Barry Hunter

Created: Thu, 24 Dec 2009, Updated: Wed, 22 Dec 2010

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H4572 : Dublin Road, Omagh - Midday Christmas 2009 by Kenneth  Allen
SP2032 : Midday Christmas 2009 by Michael Dibb
SW5130 : St. Michael's Mount, Christmas Day 2009 by Mari Buckley
SU7574 : Slushy Christmas in the Old Bath Road, Sonning by Andrew Smith
NY4055 : Where is everybody? by Rose and Trev Clough
NS4145 : Midday Christmas 2009 by James Allan
SO1191 : Christmas morning in Mwyn Fynydd, Newtown by Penny Mayes
SU2600 : Walkers in Long Slade Bottom by Peter Facey
SO6113 : Serridge Woods by Stuart Wilding
NS6419 : Icicles above Glenmuir Water by Kath Jones
SD9718 : Ice Bound Pylons by Peter Thwaite
TQ7911 : Bower close, St Leonards by Julian P Guffogg
SO9194 : Christmas Northway by Gordon Griffiths
SM9737 : The sea and a sea of mud, Pembrokeshire by Natasha Ceridwen de Chroustchoff
SH4937 : Dydd Nadolig 2009 Cricieth Christmas Day 2009 by Alan Fryer
J5383 : Groomsport harbour, Christmas Day 2009 by Rossographer
C2634 : Christmas Day in Carrowreagh by sarah gallagher
TQ3937 : East Grinstead High Street by Ben Gamble
SJ9594 : Christmas Morning on Dowson Road by Gerald England
SO5075 : Linney by Ian Capper
NH9023 : Clubhouse, Carrbridge Golf Course by Dorothy Carse
NO1223 : Christmas in the Rodney Gardens, Perth by Lis Burke
SW3935 : Gorse above Portheras Cove by Sheila Russell
NH6744 : Kingsmills Hotel Leisure Club and Conference Centre, Inverness by don cload
NH7544 : Clava Cairns - Standing Stone - Midday Christmas 2009 by nairnbairn

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