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Northumberland Coast Path

The Northumberland Coast Path is 64 miles long and is part of the North Sea Trail. From Cresswell it follows the coast as far as Bamburgh before heading inland to Belford and the Kyloe Hills, which offer panoramic coastal views. From here is joins St. Cuthbert's Way and returns to the coast at the causeway to Holy Island before continuing to Berwick.
by N Chadwick

Created: Mon, 11 Jul 2011, Updated: Mon, 11 Jul 2011

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NU2227 : Long Nanny by Philip Cornwall
NU0348 : Northumberland Coast Path and National Cycle Route No 1 by Mat Fascione
NU2510 : Northumberland Coast Path and St Oswald's Way at Alnmouth by Mat Fascione
NU2425 : Stile on the Northumberland Coast Path by N Chadwick
NU2325 : View across fields to High Newton Farm by Philip Cornwall
NU2613 : Path in the dunes at Boulmer Haven by Mat Fascione
NU2424 : Northumberland Coast Path entering Newton Point by N Chadwick
NU2226 : Runner on the coastal path by DS Pugh
NU2227 : Kissing Gate, Northumberland Coast Path by N Chadwick
NU2227 : Newton Links by Alan Murray-Rust
NU1635 : Northumberland Coast Path and the St Oswald's Way by Mat Fascione
NU2423 : Holiday chalets at Embleton Bay by Mat Fascione
NU0639 : Lane descending towards Fenwick by Mat Fascione
NU2227 : Bridge over Long Nanny and bench by DS Pugh
NU2617 : Northumberland Coast Path and St Oswald's Way near Rumbling Kern by Mat Fascione
NU2424 : Low Newton by the Sea beach by Alan Murray-Rust
NU2328 : Flooded road in the caravan park by DS Pugh
NU2226 : Coastal path towards Low Newton by DS Pugh
NU2612 : Northumberland Coast Path at Seaton Point by Mat Fascione
NU2616 : Beach at Howick Haven by Mat Fascione
NU2424 : Low Newton by the Sea postbox by Alan Murray-Rust
NU2519 : Northumberland Coast Path by PAUL FARMER
NU2424 : Low Newton-by-the-Sea by Mat Fascione
NU2425 : Northumberland Coast Path by N Chadwick
NU0744 : Gate along the Northumberland Coast Path by Mat Fascione

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