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The Thames Cycle Route is part of the National Cycle Network. The Cycle Route stretches from Dartford up to Oxford along the banks of the River Thames.

This follows the majority of the Thames Path, but does divert in various sections. Especially where the Path follows a footpath only route. It also links National Cycle Route 1 (east of London) with National Cycle Route 4 (west of London).

by David Anstiss
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TQ4880 : Thames Path passing Crossness sewage works near Thamesmead by Malc McDonald
TQ4881 : Thames Path beside Crossness Sewage Works by David Anstiss
TQ3678 : Thames Path past old warehouse by N Chadwick
TQ4379 : Thames Path by N Chadwick
TQ4079 : Thames Path Sign by Oast House Archive
TQ5375 : Thames Cycle Path by N Chadwick
TQ4980 : Footpath junction on the Thames Path near Warehouse on Norman Road by David Anstiss
TQ5275 : Railway Bridge over Thames Path near Dartford by David Anstiss
TQ5378 : Thames Path to Crayford Ness, from River Darent by David Anstiss
TQ4681 : Thames Path at Thamesmead by Malc McDonald
TQ4379 : Thames Path by N Chadwick
TQ4279 : Footpath signpost, Royal Dockyard by N Chadwick
TQ4681 : Blue and red signs near Thamesmead Pumping Station by David Anstiss
TQ4781 : Footpath junction on the Thames Path near Southmere Lake by David Anstiss
TQ4580 : Thames Path and Thames Cycle Route near Tripcock Ness by David Anstiss
TQ5275 : Thames Cycle Route on Thames Road by David Anstiss
TQ5080 : Thames Path at Jenningtree Point, near Belvedere by Malc McDonald
TQ4980 : Thames Path near Belvedere by Malc McDonald
TQ4681 : Esplanade near Thamesmead by David Anstiss
TQ4079 : Warehouses at Riverside by Oast House Archive
TQ4781 : Thames Path at Thamesmead by Malc McDonald
TQ4079 : Thames Path and Cycleway by N Chadwick
TQ3978 : Improved cycle path, Tunnel Avenue by Stephen Craven
TQ5375 : Mobile Phone mast beside River Cray by David Anstiss
TQ5377 : Path near Crayford Ness by Malc McDonald

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