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Shaldon's tidal flood defences

Shaldon and Ringmore tidal flood defence scheme
Shaldon and Ringmore are neighbouring villages by the Teign estuary. Houses, shops and hotels front the foreshore, reached by lanes and alleyways. There was a risk of tidal flooding to a basin behind the old informal defences, with two near-escapes in October 2004 and March 2008. The £8.3 million tailor-made scheme reduces the risk of tidal flooding to 453 homes and businesses. The Parish Council will operate the flood gates with 40 volunteer flood wardens.

Work started in January 2010 when the Environment Agency’s contractors moved into Shaldon to raise 940 metres of existing foreshore walls, construct 470 metres of new foreshore wall, install ten floodgates and 25 flood windows and doors together with steps and ramps at specific locations. The work is of high quality that fits into the townscape by using local materials. The project employed a number of ground-breaking engineering techniques. Simple-looking walls in places conceal sheet piling that was installed with relatively quiet specialist equipment. Environmental enhancements were undertaken where opportunities allowed. A pumping station and outfall were included to resolve surface water issues.

The scheme was completed in May 2011. It was the first example of ‘Building Trust with Communities’, the Environment Agency’s approach to public engagement. Construction traffic in the villages was reduced by siting the contractor’s main compound at Broadmeadow in Teignmouth across the river. The contractor’s staff won praise from residents for their cheerful and considerate conduct. The flood defences were officially opened on Friday, 1 July 2011. The event marked the end of seven years work by the Environment Agency and its contractors, Interserve.

Funding for the scheme came from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) through the South West Regional Flood Defence Committee. The scheme has won two national awards, a Silver Considerate Contractor Award for the considerate manner in which the works were carried out and an Environment Agency award for Exemplar Safety, Health and Environment Performance. Only four national awards of this level are awarded each year.

Text adapted from the Environment Agency’s website LinkExternal link A report to Teignbridge District Council's Development Control Committee, 28 September 2009, was published as a Google Doc: LinkExternal link For viewing options, right click (PC) or Control+click (Mac).
by Robin Stott

Created: Fri, 23 Sep 2011, Updated: Thu, 8 Dec 2011

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SX9372 : Tidal flood defences, Riverside by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Shaldon sea wall by N Chadwick
SX9272 : Wall and handrail, Keyworth Place  by Robin Stott
SX9272 : Strand, Ringmore, seen from Ringmore Road by Robin Stott
SX9272 : Steps, handrail and wall, Keyworth Place  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Steps to beach below Riverside  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : New wall above old, the Embankment  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Gate No.8, off Strand  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Flood wall and steps, Albion Street  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Base of bollard inserted in paving, Riverside by Robin Stott
SX9272 : Wall, seats and tree, Keyworth Place  by Robin Stott
SX9272 : Gate No.1, The Strand, Ringmore by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Passage from Strand to Gate No.9  by Robin Stott
SX9272 : Gate No.2, off Ringmore Road  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Detail, Gate No.7, off Strand  by Robin Stott
SX9272 : Feature seat, the Embankment  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Private gate for a Riverside property by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Wall and seats, the Embankment  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Wall, footway and bollards, Riverside  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Gate No.5, off Riverside  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Gate No.6  by Robin Stott
SX9272 : New wall above old, the Embankment  by Robin Stott
SX9272 : Open space by Gate No.2  by Robin Stott
SX9372 : Steps between Marine Parade and promenade  by Robin Stott
SX9272 : View of the Teign estuary from Keyworth Place by Robin Stott

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